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Mobile Apps

Mobile Application designing & development is a field that organizations are banking very seriously, with its vast reach and easy access; this is a technology that no one can afford to ignore.


We love to build awesome responsive websites. We have been delivering projects in diverse fields such as health and care, law, education and lot more.

Creative Design

Our design team not only brings life to your brand but also produces amazing user experience for your products.

Digital Marketing

We combine talent, technology and a partnership with hearts to build connected brands and turn customers into evangelists. We provide every digital marketing service out there – and then some.


Looking for an awesome website or mobile app for your business? Or are you looking to build the next billion dollar game? Get in touch with us and let's bring your business to the next level!
We have delivered 1000+ websites, mobile apps and games to 250+ clients.

TxLabz is a client-centric, quality-focused, fast-paced IT services and products based company. Our services are diversified from mobile apps to web designing and development. Not only this, but our experienced teams also manage digital marketing part for any company out there! With several years of experience in this domain, our teams are specialised in their own fields and that’s the thing which makes TxLabz the best choice for outsourcing your IT services. Based on our team’s past experience in various domains of IT, we direct your business in the right direction making sure you save your time and money by investing wisely. Our management team works closely with you to ensure you feel at home! Our teams follow the best practices from requirements elicitation to the quality assurance phase and then deployment of any project in order to make sure the quality is not compromised at any level. Looking for a reliable IT partner? Get in touch with our management and share your thoughts to get experts opinion from our side. Simply go to our Contact page and submit your query! We are all ears!

  • Website Dev & Design

    Looking for an awesome website for your business? Get in touch with us and let's bring your business to the next level!

  • Mobile Apps

    At TxLabz, we pay special attention to the Mobile App design, making sure it fulfils everything you ask for and more!


    Give life to your business. Our creative producers know exactly what your business needs.

  • Digital Marketing

    We at TxLabz provide all sort of latest Digital Marketing services. SEO, SMM, ASO and more. Need to know more? Get in touch and you will be feeling at home!

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Our work speaks for itself. We bring your business idea to life.
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The perfect application to learn C# Programming Language!
Uploaded image

Weather Forecast

Looking for a simple yet intuitive weather app? search no more! weather app doest just that.
Uploaded image

Visual Studio

A simple, effective application to get to know programming basics
Uploaded image


Completeing Surveys was never easier! go on, finish a few surveys and have fun
Uploaded image

Stupid Words

As the name suggests, a very fun and easy to learn words application for kids!
Uploaded image


About the lifestyle, vision and the qoutes from the man who turned it around for the world!
Uploaded image

Spot the Difference

The two pictures looks exactly the same ? look again, there are hidden differences. good luck finding them!
Uploaded image

Space Battle

How about you go on a little space adventure? defeat the forces while having so much fun!
Uploaded image

SMS Back

Set a default SMS to be sent after a call or SMS you recieve
Uploaded image

Smart Pager

Lets bring the nostalgia back, lets have fun using the smart pager, very simple and easy to use messaging app!
Uploaded image

Shake It

the app that brings life to the boring phone speakers, enhance bass, sound and tweak the equalizer, hear sound the way you want!
Uploaded image

Selfie Gram

with the selfie craze on its peak, boost up your selfie game by talking the best selfie, and share it to your circle!
Uploaded image

Santa Twist

Lets bring the christmas hype back. Mr santa is here to bring a whole lot of fun!
Uploaded image

Roundball Escape

Tap to survive, do not let the ball hit the ground, defy graviy to earn points!
Uploaded image


All of your favourte qoutes by your favourite people, under one platorm!
Uploaded image


Test your analytical skills by putting all the puzzle pieces into a shape and have fun!
Uploaded image


A easy to use application for the music lovers!
Uploaded image

.NET Platform

The right platform to know everything that needs to be known about the powerful language!
Uploaded image


PDF lets you view odf files on your smartphone,easy to use and very handy!
Uploaded image


The right choice for the business men out there, lets build a bridge between merchant and the costumer!
Uploaded image


all the Object Oriented Programming concepts for the beginners to start off with!
Uploaded image

One Pic One Word

Just as the name suggests, find the picture by using one word only !
Uploaded image

Mobile Spy

Someone wants your phone and you want to keep track of what they are doing on your phone? you have come to the right place! let the spy do it for you.
Uploaded image

Memory Twist

Test your memory with this very simple yet addictive app!
Uploaded image


another groundbreaking effort to create a bridge between mothers and sitters, choose the perfect sitter for your child after looking at the ratings and reviews!
Uploaded image


Another social network for all the extroverts out there!
Uploaded image


Have fun bidding on the price and claim the product at much lesser price than the original!
Uploaded image


iPazaar – Classified ads app, just like OLX but with awesome user experience and design elements. Built for Android and iOS.
Uploaded image

Hyde Park Corner

as the name suggests, have your say, open up your mind! be that in the shape of words, images, or even videos!
Uploaded image


Are you a geek? lets test your knowledge with this addictive online multiplayer trivia!
Uploaded image


Fire Alarm – This app is built for a USA based security agency to monitor different machinery and make the life easier in order to keep records in well organized manner.
Uploaded image

FILE Explorer

a very simle file manager for you to look up your files/images/documents and what not!
Uploaded image

File Explorer Pro

go pro and have access to more intriguing features!
Uploaded image


As the name suggest, a fun yet very usefull application to have!
Uploaded image


Earnie – A social network that pays you for posting on your profiles. This platform has been built on web, Android and iOS.
Uploaded image


Lets draw pctures, doodles, have fun with the colors. now that sounds intriguing!
Uploaded image


The online Shopping portal has all that you wish to buy under one roof!
Uploaded image


Fly, fly into the clouds to have so much fun with this addictive game!
Uploaded image

Ant Killer

You always wanted to kill those nasty ants without getting your hands dirty? we have the right soltuon for you. squish all the ants you want with ant killer!
Uploaded image

Alpha Twist

The user friendly app for kids to have fun while learning the Aplphabets!
Uploaded image


Aladiyat – Racing app, lets you keep track of the next horse racing, reminds you of all the events, and much more. Supports arabic and english, both.
Uploaded image

Air force

Bring out the ineer fighter pilot in you, have fun!
Uploaded image


Simplest calculator app out there with a userfriendly interface for all your calculations!


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