TxLabz signs contract with Royal Commission of Saudia Arabia to Help Plant 7.5 Million Trees through Artificial Intelligence

Riyadh Plants

The Royal Commission of Riyadh City is a Saudi commission established by a royal decree on August 30, 2019. Formerly known as Riyadh Development Authority (established in 1974), headquartered in Riyadh, the commission has a Board of Directors chaired by the Deputy Prime Minister. It is responsible for the development of the city and to significantly improve the quality of life there.

In order to minimize the effects of pollution, reduce the urban heat island effect, and provide a beautiful living experience for the people of Riyadh, RCRC decided to increase green spaces across the city by launching the World’s largest tree plantation initiative called “Green Riyadh”. The agenda is to plant a tree for every citizen or 7.5 million trees in Riyadh by 2030. The best thing about it is that all the plants will be irrigated by recycled water. These trees will help to create a barrier against storms and to cool down the streets by reducing the temperature of the city.

Considering the importance of vegetation as a crucial element to enhance the capital and sustain human life, RCRC decided to create a plant manual based on the expertise of various botanists, vegetation, and afforestation experts of Riyadh city.

The manual includes around 300 types of plants, classified according to their species, growing environment, irrigation requirements, and climate requirements.

TxLabz takes pride in calling itself an official outsourcing partner of RCRC for building its android and iOS apps from scratch.

We smoothly carried out all the processes from requirements gathering to design to development, quality assurance, and then deployment.

We had a detailed plan describing how to perform the requirement elicitation process and develop high-quality and user-friendly apps which are flexible for maintenance, alterations and the upgrade. We used the strategy to ensure that functionality of every module remains smooth and the system continues to perform as per the specifications.

The app provides AI machine learning plant identification for more than 2 million plant species. It covers the scientific names in Latin and English, symbols, colors, abbreviations (used for the plants) and photographs of more than 380 plant species. It discusses the trees, shrubs and plants in detail, as well as suitable places to grow them.

All the information shared on the app is deduced from experiments conducted by the different authorities in charge of afforestation in Riyadh.
With 4.1 star rating on PlayStore and 5000+ installations on Windows, Riyadh Plants ranks highest on the Google PlayStore’s Books & Reference app category. Riyadh Plants iOS app with 4.9 rating is not behind!

TxLabz team takes pride in building Riyadh Plants technology using Flutter, an open-source UI software development kit created by Google. Our team took it as a mission from requirement elicitation to designing the UX along with a complete development package until app store submissions. Store listings preparation had been also an integral part to showcase the brand’s vision.

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