TxLabz joins hands with Tankee to ensure safe content for your kids

Tankee is a kids gaming network! Founded in 2017, headquartered in Austin, Tankee, has decided to take the future of kids’ digital entertainment to the next level by providing a safe gaming environment for game lover kids. All the content on this platform is dedicated for younger viewers from the age bracket of 6 to 12 years.

It is basically a game streaming platform which has mostly video game related stuff. 1000+ hours of curated and original videos are available for the kids to watch and endure the best gaming experience while enhancing their gaming skills.

Real time commenting with stickers and emojis

Commenting is done with pre available emojis and stickers, not words, so there’s no risk of saying anything offensive

How is Tankee different from other similar platforms?

All the content on this platform is personally reviewed (by actual humans). There is a parental constraint factor for protecting kids from inappropriate content (sexual content, violence).

Tankee by TxLabz

Certified by the kidSAFE Seal, Tankee, has provided the facility of reviewing content in order to keep the parents away from the hassle of constantly keeping an eye on children’s activities. Each and every video on Tankee is screened by a team of curators so that the children are less likely to be exposed to violence, aggression and age-inappropriate videos.

Pseudo Screen names are generated for the children to avoid any personal identity to affect any user’s experience.

Some of the very exclusive features of Tankee.

Tankee Originals

Being the top producer of kid-safe gaming content, Tankee features 600+ episodes of Tankee Original shows and exclusive content co-produced with top influencers Tankee town, Sally plays Roblox, Wild’s Best Way, Big B Plays, Wonder World of Roblox.

Featured Creators

A lot of walkthroughs/tutorials from top gamers are available about games like Fortnite, Roblox, Minecraft etc.Creative gaming content creators can get their content featured by collaborating with advertisers in advertising video-on-demand (AVOD) space.

Unique avatars and backgrounds

For smooth user experience and enhanced user interactivity, Tankee has facilitated the kids to choose from a variety of attractive backgrounds and relatable avatars

Save videos you love

This feature enables your kids to save the videos they like so whenever they face any internet issue, they do not get bored and watch pre saved videos in that time.


Manage screen time by setting limits to ensure healthful behaviors so that kids do not spend a lot of time watching screen. Many more on Tankee!

THE Acknowledgement

In acknowledgment of all the efforts that Tankee has made in the short period of its amazing journey, it was selected as Best Streaming Video Platform for Kids at Kidscreen Awards.

In recognition of introducing a family-friendly entertainment platform, and creation of unique content, Tankee was awarded the SXSW Pitch International Award for Best Entertainment and Content Technology.

Not only this, Future Today announced a co-production of two new Tankee Originals based on Roblox and Minecraft with Tankee. Tankee has been focusing on several OOTs to reach more and more kids with the game-focused content.

Genius Brands International in partnership with Tankee have decided to develop a new Roblox series based on 12 episodes for Kartoon Channel. It is the first ever co production of Genius Brands International ever.

Tankee original content is also available on the Kidoodle.TV channel. The idea is to stream safe content for kids since Kidoodle shares the same motive of providing good quality family friendly content to viewers under 12.

Gerald Youngblood founder of The Youngblood Firm and also a founder of Tankee, has been Senior Director of WW Marketing, Social, and Operations for Advanced Micro Devices, partner with top gaming organizations FNATIC and Evil Geniuses. His vision has led this platform to the heights one could imagine in this short period of time.

TxLabz takes pride in being the official development partner of Tankee. We at TxLabz have engineered the web and mobile apps for Tankee where we have built the streaming platform on the backend to make it a seamless experience for the young kids for unstoppable fun!

You want your kids to have fun in a safe haven? We at TxLabz totally vouch for Tankee.com!

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