Complete overview of the mobile app development process (Infographic)

Developing an awesome mobile application is not an easy task, both developers and business owners struggle to understand the numerous aspects of mobile app development. Many times, business owners are not able to decide which platform to choose for their new mobile app and many times developers are not able to understand the exact requirements[…]


Most Businesses Still Don’t Budget for Mobile Technology

The use of mobile technology has likely helped to improve your business in many ways, but are you saving room in your budget for it? Probably not, according to a new study from accounting solutions provider Sage North America. Businesses in the construction, food and beverage; and manufacturing and distribution industries overwhelmingly agreed that mobile[…]


Nextbit unveils $400 cloud-first Robin phone

San Francisco-based Nextbit Tuesday took the wraps off its new “cloud first” Android phone, called Robin. The $400 Android (5.1.1) device is tall and squarish (in a good way), and comes in striking light blue and black colors. The real hook here is that the phone is tightly integrated with an unlimited cloud storage facility that[…]


The coolest new iOS 9 features that Apple didn’t announce

At WWDC Apple unveiled iOS 9, the latest version of its mobile operating system. While the standout features included the Flipboard replacement Apple News and public transport directions for Maps, no WWDC keynote would be complete without The Slide of Cool Things We Didn’t Have Time to Talk About™. A staple for years, it’s a way to get[…]