Software Engineer (iOS) Required

What We Are Looking For? We are looking for a fast-paced quality work oriented person who has at least 1-2 years of professional iOS development experience and has at least 1/2 live application(s) on Apple store which supports iPhone and iPad, both. The developer should have complete exposure to the Apple terms in order to[…]


Software Quality Assurance Engineer Required

What We Are Looking For? We are looking for a skilled ‪Software Quality Assurance ‪‎Engineer with at least 6 months of testing experience (optional) who have decent technical background related to web and mobile applications. The ideal candidate should have sound knowledge of creating test cases, should be familiar with different ‪#‎testing techniques, should have[…]

Get Your Business Noticed with a Quality Website

The success of your business on the internet depends on the quality of your website and the quality of the visitors who find you. Without a good website, your business will not be trusted. Without the right visitors, your website will not help your business succeed. It is very important to have a quality website.[…]


The coolest new iOS 9 features that Apple didn’t announce

At WWDC Apple unveiled iOS 9, the latest version of its mobile operating system. While the standout features included the Flipboard replacement Apple News and public transport directions for Maps, no WWDC keynote would be complete without The Slide of Cool Things We Didn’t Have Time to Talk About™. A staple for years, it’s a way to get[…]


A Brief History Of Deep Linking

Deep linking has become one of the hottest topics in mobile over the past year as dozens of startups have launched around using, improving and discoveringdeep links. All of the big platform companies also have projects to own “the deep linking standard” or the search index for mobile. So, what are deep links and where did[…]